CentOS 7 Linux Server Cookbook, 2nd Edition

This book will provide you with a comprehensive series of starting points that will give you direct access to the inner workings of the latest CentOS version 7 and help you trim the learning curve to master your server.

You will begin with the installation and basic configuration of CentOS 7, followed by learning how to manage your system, services and software packages. You will then gain an understanding of how to administer the file system, secure access to your server and configure various resource sharing services such as file, printer and DHCP servers across your network. Further on, we cover advanced topics such as FTP services, building your own DNS server, running database servers, and providing mail and web services. Finally, you will get a deep understanding of SELinux and you will learn how to work with Docker operating-system virtualization and how to monitor your IT infrastructure with Nagios.

By the end of this book, you will have a fair understanding of all the aspects of configuring, implementing and administering CentOS 7 Linux server and how to put it in control.

What You Will Learn

Install and configure CentOS 7 Linux server system from scratch using normal and advanced methods
Maintain a performance-based and secure server solution by deploying expert configuration advice and managing software packages
Monitor, manage and develop your server’s file system to maintain a stable performance
Gain best practice methods on sharing files and resources through a network
Install and configure common standard services such as web, mail, FTP, database and domain name server technologies
Introduce you to the world of operating-system-level virtualization using the Docker platform.
Understand the fundamentals of the Security-Enhanced Linux access control architecture
Monitor your IT infrastructure using Nagios


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