Mastering OpenStack

Design, deploy, and manage a scalable OpenStack infrastructure

About This Book
Learn how to design and deploy an OpenStack private cloud using automation tools and best practices
Gain valuable insight into OpenStack components and new services
Explore the opportunities to build a scalable OpenStack infrastructure with this comprehensive guide
Who This Book Is For
This book is intended for system administrators, cloud engineers, and system architects who want to deploy a cloud based on OpenStack in a mid- to large-sized IT infrastructure. If you have a fundamental understanding of cloud computing and OpenStack and want to expand your knowledge, then this book is an excellent checkpoint to move forward.

What You Will Learn
Explore the main architecture design of OpenStack components, core-by-core services, and how they work together
Learn how to distribute OpenStack services among cluster setup
Compare different storage solutions and driver extensions
Design different high availability scenarios and how to plan for a no Single Point Of Failure environment
Set up a multinode environment in production using orchestration tools
Boost OpenStack performance with advanced configuration
Establish a distributed monitoring solution and keep track of resource consumption
In Detail
This comprehensive guide will help you to choose the right practical option and make strategic decisions about the OpenStack cloud environment to fit your infrastructure in production.

At the start, this book will explain the OpenStack core architecture. You will soon be shown how to create your own OpenStack private cloud.

Next, you will move on to cover the key security layer and network troubleshooting skills, along with some advanced networking features. Finally, you will gain experience of centralizing and logging OpenStack. The book will show you how to carry out performance tuning based on OpenStack service logs.

By the end of this book, you will be ready to take steps to deploy and manage an OpenStack cloud with the latest open source technologies.


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