Orchestrating Docker

About This Book
Set up your own Heroku-like PaaS by getting accustomed to the Docker ecosystem
Run your applications on development machines, private servers, or the cloud, with minimal cost of a virtual machine
A comprehensive guide to the smooth management and development of Docker containers and its services
Who This Book Is For
If you are a competent developer or DevOps with a good understanding of Linux filesystems but want to manage and orchestrate Docker services, images, and products using a multitude of techniques, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of Docker or container virtualization is required.

What You Will Learn
Get familiar with the processes related to the automation of Docker
Get to grips with various Docker commands and techniques that help you manage containers
Create your own Docker image and package your web application in the image
Use Dockerfile DSL to make your Docker images repeatable
Deploy a high availability service on a cluster using CoreOS and fleet
Build your application in sandboxed Docker containers
In Detail
Docker is growing in popularity by day because of its great utility, the fact that it’s user friendly, and the vibrant community.

This book will help you transform the way you build, test, and deploy your applications with Docker, making it easier and enjoyable. The book starts off with the installation of Docker before gradually taking you through the different commands to start working with Docker containers and their services. You will learn to build your own Docker containers along with instructions to fine-tune the resource allocations to those containers. You will then learn to manage a cluster of Docker containers. The book demonstrates the processes related to the automation and orchestration of Docker. It then covers the compatibility of Docker with other technologies such as Puppet and Chef. Finally, it prepares you to ship your applications without taking strain for deployment. By the end of the book, you will be able to orchestrate and manage the creation and deployment of Docker containers.


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