Proxmox High Availability

Proxmox High Availability

Introduce, design, and implement high availability clusters using Proxmox
About This Book
Plan and construct a high availability environment from scratch using Proxmox
Migrate current systems to high availability clusters to improve the level of service availability
A step-by-step guide to disaster recovery, on failed high availability clusters
Who This Book Is For
If you want to know the secrets of virtualization and how to implement high availability on your services, this is the book for you. For those of you who are already using Proxmox, this book offers you the chance to build a high availability cluster with a distributed filesystem to further protect your system from failure.

What You Will Learn
Design and plan a high availability cluster from scratch with guidelines on hardware and software preparation
Work with the Proxmox virtual environment and learn the concepts on KVM and openVZ
Build your own network RAID 1 device with DRBD technology from concepts to practical approach
Install, configure, and integrate distributed filesystems with Cluster and Ceph on Proxmox
Test and troubleshoot different levels of system failures for the Proxmox cluster
Migrate your existing system over different platforms including Windows, Linux, and even virtualized platforms like as VMware
Perform recovery for a failed Proxmox cluster from backup configuration files
In Detail
With the help of an easy-to-use tool provided by Proxmox, users can easily improve their service by building up their own cluster. Proxmox is open source and combines two virtualization technologies (KVM- and container-based) under one platform, offering maximum flexibility for building virtual environments.

This book starts with the basics and provides you with some background knowledge of server virtualization and then shows you the differences between other types of virtualization software, such as VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and so on, versus Proxmox. By the end of this book, you will have a strong idea on how to plan, design, implement, and test your own cluster with a high level of availability.

This book adopts a step-by-step, easy-to-follow approach and demonstrates a high availability cluster with brief descriptions and useful explanations on important topics.

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